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Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

The Purpose of an Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment allows for our physiotherapist to go through your medical, injury and exercise history, assess your injury/pain site and guide you on the correct treatment to meet your goals and needs. Assessments are a lifestyle and physical assessment designed to help people achieve their optimal health and performance potential.

What is included in a initial assessment?

Our initial assessment is a 60-minute consultation with a chartered physiotherapist. The cost is €150 and includes the following:

o An in-depth discussion related to your injury, medical and exercise history

o Needs analysis and goal setting


Detailed data collection related to your current health status including:

o Perceived Quality of life

o Fatigue and stress

o Sleep hygiene

o Specific tests to your injury or pain site

o Upper and lower body strength tests

o Neuromotor balance

What Happens After the initial assessment?

Once your initial assessment is complete, your physiotherapist will discuss all appropriate treatment options for you going forward. They will also compile and send you a report. This report will give you an insight into where you health is current and where it needs to go. The report will also compare your data to averages of age and gender matched norms to give you an idea of where you are in comparison to those in the same age bracket as you.

The program options may be one of the following which can be fully tailored to your needs:

Pay As You Go Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation Sessions

4 Week Program

6 Week Program

6 Week Program + Gym access

8 Week Program

12 Week Program

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