Since its inception, Medfit has aimed to transcend existing models of traditional clinical setups.

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We have developed a strong nationwide network of healthcare partners to meet the regional needs of all scheme members/policy- holders who qualify for this programme. Delivery of all care is managed by our specialist team based in Dublin who will ensure a claimant will receive expert level treatment at a location convenient to them.

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Medfit delivers Tailored, Specialist

Medfit are specialists in delivering healthcare solutions throughout the entire claims lifecycle. Our programme is applicable to both individual and group schemes, customised to the specific needs of each scheme.

Helping all Relevant Stakeholders
Manage Risk and Future Exposure.

We deliver bespoke interventions, working with the insurer/broker and claims team in minimising the long-term impact of a work-related absence due to injury or illness. Our interventions will be customised for the needs of particular schemes and the nature of injury/illness amongst its members. We work very closely with the claims team to flag potentially complex cases at the earliest possible stage. This will help all relevant stakeholders manage risk and future exposure.

Medfit has developed an effective 7 stage intervention process, which involves direct collaboration with the claims team, and is designed to maximise client engagement, improve health related variables, which leads to a safe and effective return to work.

An Innovative Technological Solution
Developed by Medft.

Underpinning this process is an innovative technological solution developed by Medft. This will seamlessly connect the insurer with the medical team and the claimant, capturing a suite of health metrics and optimising outcomes and return on investment. Our unique claims information system can be tailored to an insurer’s needs and adapted as required.

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